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Business Contacts

Find contacts for GE’s Business Units here

For general press inquiries, please call +1 203 373 2039 or use our Feedback and Inquiries form. Please note that the contacts listed below are available only to members of the press.

GE Healthcare
Jeff DeMarrais
GE Healthcare, Chief Communications Officer
Work +44 1494 49 8287
Email Jeff or
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GE Appliances & Lighting
Deborah Wexler
GE Appliances & Lighting, Communications Manager
Work +1 989 835 3563
Email Deborah or
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Global Research
Todd Alhart
Global Research, Communications
and Public Relations
Work +1 518 387 7914
Email Todd or
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GE Aviation
Rick Kennedy
GE Aviation, Media Relations Manager
Work +1 513 243 3372
Email Rick or
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GE Transportation
Jennifer Erickson
GE Transportation
Work +1 312 610 8318
Email Jennifer or
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GE Energy Management
Jason Anthoine
GE Energy Management, Communications Executive
Work +1 678 844 5407
Email Jason or
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GE Oil & Gas
Rebecca Edwards
GE Oil & Gas, Senior Communications Executive
Work +39 055 423 8176
Email Rebecca or
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GE Power & Water
Shaun Wiggins
GE Power & Water, Communications Executive
Work +1 518 385 5992
Email Shaun or
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NOTE: Contacts listed are available only for media inquiries.