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Corporate Contacts

Find contacts for GE’s Corporate Headquarters here

For general press inquiries, please call +1 203 373 2039 or use our Feedback and Inquiries form. Please note that the contacts listed below are available only to members of the press.

Gary Sheffer
GE Corporate, Vice President
Communications & Public Affairs
Work +1 203 373 3476
Email Gary

Deirdre Latour
GE Corporate, Senior Director
External Communications
Work +1 646 682 5621
Email Deirdre

Leigh Farris
GE Corporate, Director
Corporate Communications
Work +1 646 682 5603
Email Leigh

Seth Martin
GE Corporate, Director
Digital Financial Communications
Work +1 646 682 5602
Email Seth

Sebastien Duchamp
GE Corporate, Director
Media Relations & Digital Communications
Work +1 646 682 5604
Email Sebastien

NOTE: Contacts listed are available only for media inquiries.