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SPECT System Receives FDA Clearance, Brings Affordable Nuclear Medicine Solution to Global Markets

January 9, 2012

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Nuclear Medicine

GE Healthcare’s Brivo NM615 is designed for clinicians who want a cost-effective way to perform routine scanning while offering the ability to expand their capabilities as their needs evolve and change

Waukesha, Wis. January 9, 2012 GE Healthcare today announced the Brivo* NM615 has received clearance from the U.S. FDA. An advanced single head Nuclear Medicine gamma camera with SPECT capability, the system gives doctors the ability to lower injected patient dose by as much as 50 percent of those of standard nuclear medicine scanning protocols†, or the potential for patients to spend significantly less time on the table during exams†, without compromising image quality. Made possible through GE’s innovative detector design and Evolution* technology, this single head system has the ability to achieve shortened scan times rivaling a dual head system.

“We are proud to continue offering new nuclear medicine solutions allowing our customers to expand patient care across a wide range of capabilities and budgets”, said Nathan Hermony, Global GM of Nuclear Medicine, GE Healthcare. “Our investments in advanced technologies such as the redesigned Elite NXT detector in the NM600 product family and the solid state CZT detector in the NM500 product family are designed to help clinicians make life saving decisions for their patients, more confidently.”

GE Healthcare Brivo NM615 is engineered to help accommodate more patients than previous generation GE nuclear medicine systems. With its large 28” (70cm) wide bore and table capable of handling patients up to 500lbs. (227 kilograms), the Brivo NM615 provides access to a wide variety of patient sizes. The system can also be upgraded on site to the GE Healthcare Discovery* NM630 or the Discovery* NM/CT 670 SPECT/CT hybrid systems through on-site hardware changes. As a result, Brivo NM615 may protect the initial investment by expanding the ability to serve patients well into the future at even faster speeds and with SPECT/CT hybrid scanning capability.

The more precise the information healthcare providers can get about a patient’s condition, the more effectively that patient can be treated. A step forward in detector design, the Elite NXT detector enables exceptional image quality. Elite NXT detectors are designed to offer outstanding SPECT resolution and exceptional contrast for superb image quality, all to help clinicians diagnose patients early and accurately. Ultra-thin design and auto-body contouring minimize the distance between the patient and the detectors for excellent resolution while SPECT-optimized collimators and the exceptionally high count rate enable extremely precise event detection.

In institutions and centers with high patient volumes, Brivo NM615 may provide an affordable solution to help clinicians increase capacity without compromising image quality; and thanks to the simple upgrade path, physicians facing budget constraints can choose the solution that meets their needs now and know that as their needs evolve, their system can too..

Brivo NM615 can be used with the advanced Xeleris* workstation--which integrates new and existing nuclear medicine equipment, including legacy GE and non-GE devices, and is designed to provide consistent results and enhanced workflow. Xeleris can keep clinicians connected to images and applications from PACS and PCs within their institution and remotely.

*Trademark of General Electric Company

†Shorter acquisition times and dose reduction capabilities are possible with the Brivo NM615 system only when used in combination with the relevant features offered on the Xeleris 3 processing and review workstation.

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