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GE Healthcare Introduces Voluson Signature Series Ultrasound Systems for Women’s Health

April 14, 2011

Women's Health

· New family of budget friendly ultrasound systems delivers leadership imaging technology to a broad range of OB/GYN offices and departments
·The Voluson S8 and Voluson S6 offer exceptional image quality, sophisticated assessment tools, advanced automation and innovative probe technology to help facilitate high diagnostic confidence, office efficiency and enhanced patient care
·Reliable, expandable system helps practices grow their capabilities to meet their patients needs
·User-inspired ergonomic features make the Voluson Signature Series easy to use, transport Exceptional image quality can be achieved through less keystrokes and reduced user manipulation

WAUKESHA, WI—April 14, 2011—GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), today introduced the Voluson Signature Series, two new ultrasound systems that bring established Voluson imaging technology to a broad group of OB/GYN offices and departments. The Voluson S8 and Voluson S6 help deliver exceptional image quality, innovative assessment tools supporting earlier, more detailed patient evaluations and ergonomic achievements that make the system easy to use and transport, key features that can help busy OB/GYN offices provide enhanced patient care, promote overall efficiency and grow their practice. Both systems also offer additional capabilities for advanced assessment to support complex patient cases such as those associated with reproductive medicine. As validated Healthymagination products, both Voluson Signature Series systems help clinicians improve quality and reduce costs through the opportunity to achieve significant time savings and increased accuracy of results.

The Voluson Signature Series is currently available for sale in the United States.

The Voluson Signature Series offers a new group of OB/GYN offices and departments an excellent mix of advanced imaging capabilities and workflow efficiencies in a budget-friendly system. Hardware, software and innovative probes work together to provide exceptional 2D image quality as well as the 3D/4D capabilities for which Voluson technology is well-known. System intelligence combined with high-end probe technology enable easy probe placement, facilitating high-quality images that engender diagnostic confidence among clinicians. A variety of easy-to-learn workflow features such as automation and auto optimization tools can help busy offices work more efficiently while maintaining high quality.

“The aspiration to have Voluson technology is now practical for a broad range of OB/GYN offices and departments,” said Karl-Heinz Lumpi, General Manager of GE Healthcare Women’s Health Ultrasound business. “Historically, the OB/GYN community has considered the award-winning Voluson system innovative/advanced technology. The Voluson Signature Series makes leadership technology broadly available to practices that require routine scanning but want the high diagnostic confidence, additional features and workflow optimizations that a sophisticated ultrasound system can deliver.”

The Voluson S8 and Voluson S6 offer a variety of semi-automated tools and features that help clinicians expand their capabilities and services to patients.

  • SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) is the first semi-automated tool to provide quantitative NT measurements as early as 11 weeks of gestation. A recent study showed “the measurement of fetal NT is more reliable when a semi-automatic approach is used rather than the traditional manual method.”[1] Minor inaccuracies in measurement can have a significant impact on the accuracy of a diagnosis. SonoNT can help clinicians address this issue by helping them achieve reliable, reproducible results that can support clinical decision making.
  • SonoAVC follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count) automatically calculates the number and volume of hypoechoic structures from a user-defined region of interest to help speed follicular assessments and enhance exam quality. Since this tool enables less user-to-user variability, clinicians can be confident that subsequent exams will provide consistent results.
  • SonoVCADlabor automatically documents second-stage labor progression, helping clinicians evaluate patients during this critical stage of labor. Clinicians can confidently measure fetal head progression, rotation and direction and have more information in case intervention is necessary.

The Voluson S8 offers additional clinical capabilities that enable detailed fetal cardiac assessment through a suite of advanced fetal echo imaging technologies. Using the system, clinicians can view three-dimensional images of the heart in motion as well as an entire fetal heart cycle, vital information that can facilitate detection of heart abnormalities in utero. Utilizing SonoVCADheart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart), the touch of a single button provides an immediate view of the six recommended volumetric images of the fetal heart, helping clinicians conduct comprehensive exams. Anatomical M-Mode helps improve the accuracy of arrhythmia assessments and other cardiac measurements.

Designed with the operator always in mind, the Voluson Signature Series follows the Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers’ (SDMS) ergonomic guidelines. Highlights include a reduced number of keystrokes and manipulations per exam, user adjustable monitor and console height and angle, and compact size which helps make the unit easy to transport and small enough to slide under a bed. Voluson ultrasound systems are also Ecomagination validated, being among the most energy efficient in the industry, they allow offices to reduce overhead while maintaining their commitment to the environment.

About the Voluson Signature Series

GE provides equipment maintenance and service, education and training, probe protection as well as financing for the Series. GE Healthcare Financial Services also provides leasing and financing opportunities. Customers are invited to join VolusonClub, an online community of Voluson operators that provides access to tools and resources only available to members. For more information, please visit For additional information about the Voluson Signature Series, please visit or www.gehealthcare/

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Semi-automted system for measurement of NT thickness. Moratalla, Nicolaides et al., 2010. Ultrasound OB/GYN.

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