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Organize Your Refrigerator for Maximum Storage Space and Convenience

September 10, 2010

According to GE, It May Be Easier Than You Think – Especially with Today's Innovative Storage Features

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--When it comes to closets and refrigerators, there's no such thing as having too much room. You can maximize the usable space in your refrigerator by following a few tips:

  • Start from the doors and work in. Space on the refrigerator door is prime real estate; avoid filling it with items you rarely use. "Door storage is great for what I call the fast-moving items in the refrigerator," says Jeff Cooksey, GE Appliances Refrigeration. "Storing items on the door frees up space inside.

    "The door is also a great place to store unusually shaped items ― anything from condiments to two-liter bottles,” said Cooksey. “New GE® and GE Profile™ refrigerators have gallon storage bins on all the doors. Most of our free-standing side-by-side refrigerators have bins with room for three gallon-size containers, compared to competitors' models that have room for only two."
  • Take advantage of the "strike zone." To reach frequently used items without bending and stretching, store them in what baseball players call the “strike zone” – roughly between shoulder-height and knee-height.
  • Adjust shelves and bins if possible. Remember that many refrigerator shelves and even some bins are adjustable. You may be able to change the spacing between them and store items of similar height together, gaining more usable space.
  • Use cold spots strategically. As you're rearranging items, keep in mind that some foods may freeze if stored on the top shelf of standard refrigerators. This is because extremely cold air is blown into the refrigerator through a vent located near the top of the fresh food compartment. To keep items from freezing, move them closer to the side or front of the refrigerator, away from the vent. On the plus side, if your refrigerator has a cold spot, you may be able to quickly chill some items by placing them in this area. Watch a video about cold spots.

    GE helps eliminate the cold spots with ClimateKeeper™ and ClimateKeeper2™ systems. With its multiple electronic sensors, multi-flow air system and electronic controls, the GE system keeps temperatures consistent to help preserve foods longer.

New refrigerators offer innovative storage features

If you're shopping for a new refrigerator, a variety of convenient features make it easier than ever to organize and store food effectively. Here are some to look for:

  • Adjustable, transparent bins. GE's adjustable ClearLook™ bins stylishly hold gallon-size containers with ease, freeing up valuable shelf space. Transparent fronts make finding your favorite door items quick and easy.
  • Retractable shelves. GE's QuickSpace™ shelf slides out of the way to make room for tall items.
  • Slide-out shelves. Slide-out, spillproof glass shelves on GE® and GE Profile™ refrigerators simplify loading, unloading and cleaning.
  • LED lighting. Refrigerator models with GE's sophisticated LED (light emitting diode) lighting feature bright, white light that illuminates the fresh food and freezer sections. And because energy-efficient LED lighting takes up less room than traditional bulbs, it frees up more usable space.
  • Beverage storage. GE's electronic beverage center keeps beverages and other treats easily accessible and icy cold, at temperatures 3-4 degrees colder than the refrigerator's fresh food compartment. Watch a video featuring the electronic beverage center.
  • Storage for party trays or platters. Some refrigerator models from GE feature a full-width deli drawer to accommodate party trays or meat-and-cheese platters, with adjustable temperatures from 32°F (for deli items) to 38°F (for fresh berries or salads).

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