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GE Healthcare Receives FDA Clearance of GEM Suite for MRI

April 7, 2011

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Designed for use on Optima MR450w 1.5T wide bore scanner, new surface coils act like “ears” that receive radio frequency energy from the body
  • Designed for patient comfort, GEM Suite features ergonomic design, flexible lightweight material, padding and comfort tilt positioning to match the anatomy of the patient
  • Offers technologists up to 38% less weight to handle, making patient positioning faster and easier
  • Variable element design is tailored to receive signals from specific parts of the patient’s anatomy

Waukesha, Wisconsin April 7, 2011—GE Healthcare today announced FDA clearance of the GEM Suite (Geometry Embracing Method) of surface coils designed for use with the Optima* MR450w 1.5T wide bore magnetic resonance imaging system, offering excellent patient comfort without clinical compromise. GEM Suite helps technologists reposition patients less often and cover more anatomy; provides radiologists more clinical options; and can give administrators more efficiency through higher throughput and system utilization.

GE Healthcare’s advances in coil design are made possible through the use of thinner, lightweight, flexible material that can be used with a variety of body types, allowing easier patient positioning for more patients with less pressure.

The GE Healthcare GEM Suite comprises a set of receive-only radio frequency surface coils including the Express Table and GEM Posterior Array, the GEM Head & Neck Unit, the GEM Anterior Array, the GEM Peripheral Vascular/Lower Extremity Array and GEM Flex Coils. Covering 98 percent of all exam types, the GEM coils can be used individually or combined to provide head to toe patient coverage. The GEM suite enables automatic selection of the configuration that best fits the selected region of interest. It includes a total 205cm scanning range, feet first scanning in all supported exams, and design features to embrace patients of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

“Our new GEM Suite is another advance allowing the Optima MR450w wide bore scanner to offer outstanding levels of patient comfort,” said Jacques Coumans, general manager, Premium MR GE Healthcare. “While GEM Suite was designed with the patient experience in mind, it also offers significant benefits to technologists, radiologists and administrators. Ultimately, it’s all about doing more with less.”

* Optima MR450w is a trademarked product of General Electric Company

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