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GE Healthcare Targets Interventional Visualization with 3D Multi-Modality Advantage Workstation with VolumeShare 4 At RSNA 2009

December 1, 2009

Diagnostic Imaging

VolumeShare 4 integrates imaging across modalities, allowing use of   multimodality patient image information in real time and providing advanced capabilities during an interventional procedure

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, – December 1, 2009 – GE Healthcare, a $17 billion unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), today introduced Advantage Workstation® VolumeShare™ 4 as an option for its multi-modality Advantage Workstation at the annual Radiological Society of America (RNSA) meeting. The VolumeShare 4 multi-modality volume viewer software integrates 3D images from GE’s Innova® interventional imaging system, as well as CT, MR, PET and PET/CT datasets to support new interventional visualization functions and analysis that are targeted for planning and navigation during image-guided interventional therapies, as well as monitoring the procedure results.

“The unique imaging aspects of many modalities are brought together by the VolumeShare 4 workstation,” said Hooman Hakami, President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Interventional business unit.  “VolumeShare 4 with image registration pulls them together into an integrated image for a level of unprecedented convenience for the interventional radiologist.”

Better and faster access to multi-modality information
The more information an interventional radiologist has about the anatomy of the area to be treated, the more quickly a plan can be made to treat disease, with the least amount of damage to surrounding anatomy.

It is now possible to use the multi-modality images not just for diagnosis, but to steer the interventional gantry to different angles around the patient.  An image that has already been acquired can be used to guide the gantry to the appropriate position for acquiring the real time image. Additionally, Advantage Workstation VolumeShare 4:

•              Provides images to show needle entry point and the final target, and allows the clinician to see all the anatomy in between to plan the best possible pathway.

•              Combines images from other 3D modalities, such as CT and MR, to show things that X-ray may not reveal, allowing for more effective guidance.

•              Enables “before” and “after” comparisons, i.e., comparing an X-ray image to either an MR image with physiology, or comparing a CT image with anatomy, or comparing the uptake of a radioactive PET tracer to blood flow in a region.

Clinical breakthrough with Integrated Registration
The Advantage Workstation VolumeShare 4 with new multi-modality Image Registration capabilities makes it practical to overlay and match existing 3D images from different modalities, providing complementary information to plan and guide interventional procedure.

Improved access for better care
More information can also lead to better planning before a procedure, shortening its time and improving access to care. Additionally, with more information, doctors can target disease more quickly and efficiently without disturbing healthy structures inside the patient’s body. Performing procedures more quickly may increase the number of possible procedures per day that can be accomplished, increasing the access to image-guided interventional care.

Processing, integration and image overlay are achieved with a single workstation, with a single, convenient user interface. Convenient integration of multi-modality images for gantry navigation takes place with the control in the control room or at tableside with a unique 3D in room Mouse control.

“This new breakthrough allows for more convenience, enhanced visualization, and better information in the interventional suite,” said Hakami. “Advantage Workstation and VolumeShare 4 bring together multimodality imaging in a way not possible before.” 

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