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Freightliner Group Orders 30 Locomotives From GE – Transportation for UK Market

November 26, 2007

Rail Freight
Erie, Penn., Nov. 26, 2007 – GE - Transportation, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), received an order for 30 freight locomotives from UK-based Freightliner Group Ltd the company announced today. The purchase represents the largest order of freight locomotives in Freightliner’s history.

GE – Transportation is developing a new freight locomotive in partnership with Freightliner Group. The collaborative effort called “Project Genesis” marks a new beginning for both companies. Starting in mid 2009, Freightliner will utilize the most advanced locomotive product in the industry while GE – Transportation will enter the UK rail freight market for the first time.

The innovative design offers an array of new features, including AC traction technology and dynamic braking. GE – Transportation’s JS37ACi locomotives allow Freightliner to increase its hauling capacity while lowering fuel consumption by an estimated 10 percent compared to the current locos in its fleet.

“We are extremely excited about Project Genesis. Not only will we improve our carbon footprint, but will be able to move more payload per train than ever before,” said Eddie Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer of Freightliner Group Ltd. “We have been in discussions with GE over recent months to develop what will be the epitome of 21st century locos on the UK network, bringing revolutionary technology the to rail freight market.”

The 129-ton diesel locomotives generate more horsepower and tractive effort while lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than locomotives currently in use. In addition, the JS37ACi locomotive provides improved driver comfort.

“We are excited to serve our new customers in the UK and to introduce our groundbreaking locomotive product to the market,” said Robert Parisi, General Manager of International Locomotives and Modernizations at GE – Transportation.

About GE - Transportation
Established more than 100 years ago, GE Transportation, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), is a global technology leader and supplier to the railroad, marine, drilling, mining and wind industries. GE provides freight and passenger locomotives, railway signaling and communications systems, information technology solutions, marine engines, motorized drive systems for mining trucks and drills, high-quality replacement parts and value added services.

About Freightliner Group Ltd
Previously part of British Rail, Freightliner was privatized in 1996 and has since increased turnover by over 180 percent. Initially only providing Intermodal services, the company has since expanded to have four subsidiary companies, all operating under Freightliner Group Limited. Freightliner Limited is the UK’s largest hauler of maritime containers, accounting for 20 percent of the total market share, and 83 percent of the rail-fed market. It provides trunk rail services between key ports and inland rail freight interchanges within the UK, supplemented with local road services, to move customers’ containers on the first or last leg of a worldwide journey. In 1999, Freightliner identified a significant opportunity to expand, and established Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited (FHH) to service the bulk rail freight industry. FHH now operates nationwide in the coal, aggregates, cement, specialist minerals, waste and petroleum sectors, and has grown to a turnover of over £100m. Since then, Freightliner Group has established two new subsidiaries, Freightliner Maintenance Limited, a separate entity dedicated to the repair and maintenance of traction and rolling stock, and their European subsidiary, Freightliner PL Limited, which began operations this year.

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